UAE - Clashes have broken out between workers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Nepali workers who reached the airport to return to Nepal and got stuck in Dubai without being able to return, got angry and clashed. The clash took place between Nepali and Bangladeshi workers at the Flex Management Company in Jabil Ali, Dubai.


Some Nepalis have been injured in the clash. One of the injured Nepalis has sustained head and body injuries while some other Nepalis have bruises on their bodies.

The company has stated that the workers of the company have already been creating problems in the outrage of not being able to return to Nepal. The company had canceled the visas of some workers and sent them to the airport to be sent to Nepal saying that they would face problems due to lack of work.

The company says that all the three workers have been creating more problems due to not being able to go to Nepal, going into depression and drinking alcohol.


Two days ago, a group of Nepali workers beat up a Bangladeshi worker. The clash took place on Tuesday night after a Nepali worker was beaten by a Bangladeshi worker for shouting while some Nepali youths were playing ludo in the room.

Those involved in the beating have been taken under control by the police while the beaten Nepalis have requested the police to pardon the Bangladeshi workers if they are treated. According to the victims, some other Nepalis in the camp were beaten by a Bangladeshi worker with a pipe.

After receiving information about the incident, NRN UAE Vice President Pasang Sherpa and Treasurer Vikas Shahi reached the labor camp. Nepalis were reminded under their leadership.