Kathmandu: The relationship between former Yuvaraj Paras Shah and YouTuber Sonica Rokaya has been discussed on social media for some time now.Former Yuvraj Shah, who is close to Sonica, has written a status in social media 'Breakup Finally, Free at Last"

Could it be that Paras, who has been in a relationship with Sonica lately, has broke up with her? The question has also been raised on social media. Though the relationship with his wife Himani Shah and his family is not good, there is talk going on in social media that he may have had a breakup with Sonica recently.

Even though he wrote this status, he did not reveal that with whom he had the breakup. After being close to Sonica, she has been criticized and does not have a good relationship with her family.

He is spending time in Pokhara in a relaxed mood during the lockdown. He is also updating the videos of the party at the hotel at midnight through Facebook.

फेसबुक लाइभमा बाहिर हिँडेका मानिसहरुलाई देखाउँदै भन्छन्- खै त लकडाउन ?

He has even uploaded a video of the party held at Hotel in the lakeside of Pokhara last Friday night on social media. Where 15-20 young people seem to be fond of food. Paras's voice is heard in the video - 'No Corona