Renowned Nepalese singer, composer, and actor, Prakash Saput, is set to enthrall the audience with his musical performance, “Sakambari Saajh,” on July 29, 2023. The event will take place at Montcalm Secondary School, located at 1350 Highbury Ave N, London, ON.

Sakambari Saajh promises to be an evening filled with melodious tunes and captivating performances by Prakash Saput, known for his significant contributions to Nepali folk music and his ability to raise social and political awareness through his soulful songs.

Date: July 29, 2023 Venue: Montcalm Secondary School, 1350 Highbury Ave N, London, ON Ticket Price: $20

Prakash Saput, has a deep-rooted passion for singing and performing, gained widespread recognition with his hit song “Bola Maya” in 2018. Since then, he has produced numerous chart-topping tracks such as “Phuteka Chura,” “Mero Pani Haina Ra Yo Desh,” “Pir,” and “Sakambari.”

Notably, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to Nepali music, Prakash Saput was honored with the prestigious Janasewa Shri award by the Government of Nepal in 2022.

This event promises to be a delightful celebration of Nepali culture and music, and Prakash Saput’s performance is anticipated to captivate the hearts of both Nepali and international audiences alike. Secure your tickets early to be a part of this unforgettable musical experience.