Two winners share Dh1 million in Emirates Loto draw

Dubai: Two lucky winners matched five out of six numbers to split a Dh1 million prize in the weekly Emirates Loto draw on Saturday.

Another 120 collected a cash prize of Dh300 and 2,597 won free re-entry into next week’s draw.

Jackpot numbers were; 10, 11, 19, 35, 41 and 44.

As there was no winner for the jackpot, the Dh50 million jackpot is still for the taking in next weekend’s draw.

For those who missed out this week, entrants can buy an Emirates Loto collectable and choose to opt-in to the draw by selecting six numbers from one to forty-nine. Players can register from home via the Emirates Loto website or mobile app. The next draw will be held on Saturday 16 May 2020 at 10pm.

Emirates Loto, is the region’s first, fatwa-approved, fully digital collectable scheme with optional free entry into a weekly draw.

For more information on collectables, prize winners, terms and conditions, eligibility and to Collect, Play and have the opportunity to Win in the next Emirates Loto draw, please visit