Butwal: A nurse has been found infected with corona virus in Kapilvastu. A nurse working at the Talihawa Hospital in Kapilvastu has been infected with the corona virus, said Roshan Lal Chaudhary, spokesperson of the state health directorate and senior public health officer.

According to him, the nurse has been working in different wards. He informed that the nurses were being prepared to be brought to Corona Hospital in Butwal for treatment after the infection was detected.

He said that other health workers and staff working in the hospital are also being discussed for health check-up and quarantine.

‘One nurse has been diagnosed with the infection. He has also worked in other departments from the fever clinic, ‘he said,’ so now there is a discussion about what to do about the other health workers and staff at the hospital and how to move forward. ‘

Chaudhary said that out of the nine people confirmed infected in Kapilvastu on Tuesday, eight were in the quarantine of Kapilvastu Municipality and one was a nurse.

Chief of Toulihawa Municipality Kiran Singh also informed that the corona has been confirmed in the health workers.