Is it true that you are thinking to type in Nepali on Facebook? Here’re a portion of the instruction or virtual products or administrations that make it simple to type Nepali on Facebook.

On the off chance that you are looking to just utilize Facebook in Nepali, Facebook has as of late propelled the Nepali variant of its foundation. Look how Nepali verson of facebook look like. Click Here

Typing Nepali in Facebook

Things being what they are, you’ve seen your companion’s post Facebook status in Nepali and feel that is cool? Or then again you may be simply thinking about how might somebody type Nepali on Facebook.

Facebook doesn’t permit composing Nepali on Facebook of course, even on its official Nepali form. Composing hasn’t got anything to do with the Facebook stage, it’s more to do with your console and working framework settings.

Most Nepali clients know about composing Nepali on Microsoft Word or different applications utilizing Nepali text styles. Regardless of whether you just duplicate glue your Nepali words from Microsoft Word to your Facebook, you won’t see Nepali characters.

That carries us to significant term about composing Nepali on the web stages like Facebook – Unicode.

Wikipedia cites “Unicode is a registering industry standard for the steady portrayal and control of content communicated in the majority of the world’s composing frameworks.” If you don’t comprehend, don’t worry about it – you basically don’t have to learn Unicode.

You will need to utilize Nepali Unicode on the off chance that you need to type Nepali in Facebook. Here I will call attention to the correct apparatuses that you can utilize to type Nepali in Facebook.

Few of the unicode which you can used to write in Nepali:

1. Google transliteration service

2. Nepali Typing Tool

3. Transliteration Bookmarklet

4. Nepali Unicode Keyboard Layout Software