Tragic Road Accident Claims Lives of Nepali Couple in Australia

Siyari Gaunpalika Ward No. 4, Chapiya: The Adhikari family, residing in the serene village of Singo Chapiya, is now engulfed in profound grief following a devastating road accident that claimed the lives of Santosh Adhikari and his wife, Pratima. The ill-fated incident occurred in Melbourne, Australia, where the couple had been living for the past five years.

The heartbreaking news reached the Adhikari family on Tuesday morning, leaving them in a state of shock and disbelief. Santosh, a 33-year-old ambitious individual, had called his family just days before the accident during a video conversation. In the call, he expressed his plans to return home and celebrate the upcoming Dashain festival with his loved ones, cutting short his stay in Australia.

Santosh, who had traveled across the seas to pursue his studies, had excelled academically in Nepal. he did his Plus Two education from Tilottama Campus in Butwal. In 2017, he embarked on his journey to Australia to further his studies.

Before leaving for Australia, Santosh had tied the knot with Pratima Thapa, a young woman hailing from Rajahar, Nawalparasi. Pratima joined him six months later, and together, they worked and studied diligently in Australia. Despite the distance, they made regular phone calls back home, keeping their family updated about their lives abroad.

The news of Santosh and Pratima’s homecoming after five long years had filled the Adhikari family with immense joy and anticipation. They eagerly awaited the blessings and tikas from Santosh’s beloved grandmother, who held a special place in their hearts. During their last video conversation, the couple excitedly shared their plans and details of their return, cherishing the prospect of reuniting with their loved ones.

However, fate had a tragic twist in store for the Adhikari family. Just two days after the joyful conversation, on Monday evening, Santosh and Pratima’s lives were abruptly cut short in a devastating road accident that occurred in Melbourne. Their vehicle collided with another car that was recklessly speeding from the opposite direction. The local police reported that the youth behind the wheel of the other car was traveling at a staggering speed of 140 kilometers per hour.

The heart-wrenching news reached the grieving family through Santosh’s cousin, Puskar Bhushal, who is residing in Melbourne. The unexpected demise of their son and daughter-in-law has left the Adhikari family devastated beyond words. Uncle Sunil Adhikari expressed his anguish, stating, “Just when we were preparing to welcome our son and daughter-in-law during Dashain, such a tragedy occurred. It is a situation that nobody should ever have to face.”

Santosh and Pratima were not only excelling in their studies but also working in aged care in Australia. Their dedication and hard work had ensured a promising future, both academically and financially. Uncle Sunil lamented, “Our son and daughter-in-law were doing well, both in studies and earnings. This is the play of fate! They were struck down at the same time.”

The process of repatriating the bodies of Santosh and Pratima back to Nepal has already commenced after the completion of postmortem examinations. However, the logistics of bringing their remains home in time for Dashain has presented an additional challenge for the grieving family. Uncle Sunil fervently urged, “Let no one experience such a situation.