The video of Pastor Keshav Raj Acharya, who lives in Jumla and lives in Pokhara 17 Power House, went viral on social media. In a viral video after the announcement of a lockdown in Nepal to prevent the corona virus, Acharya said, “Oh, Corona, you are in the name of Jesus.”

In the video, he says “God’s action is against China.” In another viral video, he claims to have cured patients with diseases such as HIV and cancer by praying.

“The news came that one of the sisters was infected with HIV and we had to pray for her,” said Acharya.

Acharya said that the HIV virus died after blessing the 17-year-old girl. “Later I got information that she dont have have HIV,” he said.

Pastor Acharya was arrested by the Kaski police on March 26 for spreading rumors in the name of religion. Acharya, who was arrested from Pokhara 17 Powerhouse, was investigated and a case was registered at the District Administration Office, Kaski on March 11 on the charge of ‘spreading rumors’.