An incident of insulting Nepali speaking women has come to light in the web series “Patal Lok” running on Amazone Prime.

In one part of the series, a female police officer grabs an arrested woman by the thigh and says “Saali Nepali Ra..di. Foreigner log ko deti hai”. Gorkhali people are hurt with such direct insult to Nepali speaking people.

The series seems to have hurt the community and there is a strong protest on social media by Nepali speaking people against this web series “Patal Lok” for presenting such an insulting, demeaning and derogatory dialogue.

It is learned that the producer of this web series “Patal Lok” is Anushka Sharma, a famous actress of Indian film world. This web series “Patal Lok” should be stopped as soon as possible otherwise its entire team should apologize to the Nepali / Gorkhali people.