A 25-year-old Nepali woman living with her husband on Frederick Street in Rockdale, Sydney, has been found hanging from a rod hanging from a drawer in her room. He was found hanging from a drawer in his room at around 4 pm on Thursday. She came to do Masters two years ago and her husband is understood to have come as a dependent last year.

The Reason behind the suicide is unknown at this time. In Nepal, her husband’s house is understood to be in Baneshwor, Kathmandu.


What factors may help prevent teen suicide?
Healthy relationships and feeling connected serve as protective factors against teen suicide, says Baynes, who works with children and adolescents who’ve been hospitalized for mental illness. Struggling children and teens who have been isolated by trauma or are disconnected from their families due to other conflicts are most at risk. Part of preventing teen suicide means being able to identify vulnerable kids early and to devise effective strategies to strengthen those protective factors.

What are some risks and warning signs for suicide?
Suicide and suicidal thoughts rarely happen within a vacuum, according to experts. A whole host of factors come into play, among them external stressors such as having a parent who has engaged in suicidal behavior, a family member who has died by suicide, or the genetic contribution of a parent who has a significant psychiatric illness.
Active drug use is another contributor because it affects one’s social interactions, one’s connectedness to others, while the disinhibition and impulsivity that can happen during intoxication may play a dangerous role.
“Someone who may have recurrent thoughts of despair, or hopelessness, or that life is not worth living—while they’re under the influence of a mind-altering substance they might be more likely to act impulsively on those thoughts,” explains Scharf.