A Nepali, stranded in Australia amid international flight restrictions, has ended his 8 hours long hunger strike after Nepal embassy in Canberra stated that it will take action to help Nepalis get home.

A Nepalese cricketer visiting Melbourne has started “hunger strike” demanding concerete information from his government about what it’s doing to “rescue” Nepalese citizens stranded down under.

The claim of nonviolence by cricket coach Anil Adhikari comes amid rising frustration among members of the Nepalese diaspora about their government’s lack of action in helping them get home.

Thousands are believed to be stranded in Australia, mostly elderly parents visiting their children studying or living in Australia.

Mr Adhikari told alchilagyo.com team that he would still stage the 8-hour-long nonviolence hunger strike  daily until he receives correspondence from the Nepalese mission in Canberra “in embassy letterhead”.

He said he felt frustrated because the Nepalese government is “mocking” him and plenty of others from his country by flying empty planes back to Kathmandu whereas they’re dying to return to their families.

Mr Adhikari was pertaining to a Nepal Airlines plane that brought many Australians and residents early April. That plane returned to Kathmandu empty. Another flight is about to arrive in Australia next week, also believed to be returning home empty. Nepalese community members in Australia are failing to know the logic behind these ghost flights.