Salman Khan extends help to 50 female ground workers in Mumbai

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has been helping the daily wage worker by feeding them and transferring money into their accounts who have been hit hardly by the coronavirus pandemic. After taking care of around 25000 daily wage workers for three months, the superstar sent food and essential stuff to street vendors and workers. Now, Salman is on another mission as he is now helping to provide food and essentials to almost 50 female ground workers. India TV Entertainment editor Joyeeta Mitra Suvarna reports that the actor reacted to an emergency call from Malegaon where people needed help immediately for living.

Salman Khan’s team did their ground research at the earliest and made all arrangements to help those in need. The actor’s Manager and Spokesperson Jordy Patel confirmed the news when asked and Told India TV, “Salman has always been generous and responds to anyone in need genuinely… we all know that” As per Jordy, they get various distress calls from all over the country but they have a system in place to find out the genuine ones.