The Coronavirus might be bringing the apocalypse as we, mankind, know it, however it won’t be the apocalypse for whatever else on the planet – truth be told, the vanishing of homo sapiens from the scene is now beneficially affecting the creature and plant realms.

It’s been only three weeks since the administration requested individuals off the boulevards and into their homes, leaving the breeze to whistle through void town places, rural lanes, and chamber bequests, that presently look like phantom towns somewhat more than they typically do.

What’s more, with the ruined ‘acculturated’ places being cleared by people, as they have been, Nature is making a rebound, and reconquering them.

Environmentalists have said that, if the lockdown is kept up for even at least three months, grasses will recover nurseries and pathways, and brambles and trees will infringe onto roadways.

Fish stocks, so radically diminshed during the most recent 50 years, would begin to recoup in a half year, and all winged animals and creepy crawlies would thrive, because of the absence of human risk. Pursued animals and game would inhale an aggregate murmur of alleviation, and pigs, bovines, sheep, chickens and ducks would assume control over the running of the Farm.

The most invite news is that, as a result of the total shutdown of industry, and contamination delivering processing plants, carbon discharges would tumble to ‘right around zero’, and a dangerous atmospheric devation would be eased back. A year sometime later, if the shutdown were to be kept up that long, we would see environmental change captured, the holes in the ozone layer fixing themselves, and ice re-shaping at the two Poles.

There’s far to go, obviously, yet numerous in logical circles are confident that the present expulsion of the human pestlience from the earth will go on inconclusively, subsequently giving Planet Earth the greatest chance to bob once again from its appalling experience of residence by homo sapiens, and recuperate its previous characteristic wonder.

Note: The story above is a parody or satire. It is totally imaginary.