Dubai Government has presented new security images on all open vehicle and open spaces. This is done so as to bring issues to light about Covid leads in the nation. Inhabitants would now be able to spot red and yellow signs showing compulsory consistence and alerts against specific directs and practices.

The signs feature the significance of Covid rules, for example, wearing covers, keeping up social separation, utilizing sanitizers, wearing gloves, and so on. Two sorts of rules are shown at all passage and leave purposes of metro and transport stations, taxis and other open offices.

The main arrangement of symbols feature the accompanying standards:

  • No sitting on certain seats of open travel means and offices
  • Two riders just in taxicabs and limos
  • Leave safe separation in shut regions

– Wear cover in all spots

The second arrangement of symbols demonstrate the significance of utilizing gloves, sanitizers and washing hands. The RTA will fix 170,000 stickers with the new symbols in Dubai Metro, open transports, taxicabs, limousines and client satisfaction focuses.

Furthermore, the new signs will likewise be disseminated on promoting signs along streets, spans, shopping centers, and internet based life stages.

What Else?

Here are on the whole the new timings for Dubai Metro, transports, and shopping centers:


All metros will work for a 12-hour time span, from 7am to 7pm, over all Red Line stations, aside from those inside limited zones. The three-minute hold up time will be set up during top hours and returned to by specialists following seven days.

Following this, Green lines will be operational for 12 hours, with the exception of in confined zones. Activities will at that point be made typical, contingent upon recuperation levels and headings from specialists.

During all stages social removing will stay set up just as travelers and workers must wear covers while voyaging. Also, utilization of lifts will be confined to a limit of a couple of people. Lifts will be hindered to lessen traveler stream to the train stage. Data notices will be put on the floor and on seats, and all stations will have devoted section and leave focuses.


In the primary stage, transports will be operational for 12 hours and afterward be completely operational inside two to about a month. Transport holding up times and transport types will be adjusted relying upon the administrations frequented and the quantity of travelers.

Administration time would likewise be balanced varying, and reinforcement transports would be given to help swarmed stations. Moreover, transport courses are additionally altered to maintain a strategic distance from confined zones.

Cooled holding up zones will stay shut to guarantee social separating. All travelers must wear veils and directions notices will be stuck on the floor and on seats to guarantee suitable social separation.

Group the board methods will be applied at station doors, and sanitization practices will stay set up. Travelers would likewise be urged to decide on taxis.